Die Cutting

Die cut packaging is a great solution for more complex packaging requirements than a standard cardboard box. Die cuts come in all shapes and styles, the designs can incorporate cartons, divisions and fittings to suit all your packaging needs.


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Why us?

Our experienced die cutting design team and operators ensure products are produced to the highest standard from the beginning of the job through until the end.

Offering plain and printed die cuts, up to 4 colours, die cut packaging could be the solution you are looking for. Often used for shipping small components or for shelf ready purposes, die cut boxes come in bundles on pallets and can be stored easily.

Our flexible service means we can meet all needs, serving customers who may just want a few 100 hundred boxes, right up to those who require 10’s and 100’s of thousands.

Examples of Die Cutting

Typical Die Cut products that we produce would be:

  • Crashlock boxes
  • Tuck in boxes
  • Trays
  • Divider sets
  • Display units
  • Box inserts / platforms
  • Wine boxes with integral dividers
  • Pizza boxes
  • Foam inserts
Die Cut